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New York City gym teacher will get termination letter as early as this week


The boozed-up ruffian who sucker-punched a female cast member of MTV's "Jersey Shore" in a Seaside Heights bar over the summer is about to be canned from his New York City teaching job, the Department of Education confirms.

Gym teacher, Brad Ferro, 24, will get a termination letter from North Queens Community High School as soon as this week.

"The department is in the process of taking termination action," against Ferro, said Department of Education spokeswoman Ann Forte.

Ferro, who will have time to appeal, apologized profusely for socking Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi in the face at the Beachcomber Bar & Grill while the show was taping in August. He said he was so drunk he didn't even remember the incident and watching the video made him nauseous.

MTV ended up deciding not to air the clip, opting instead to blur the scene and conclude the episode with a list of resources for individuals in abusive relationships.

Ferro was found guilty of assault in the Aug. 19 incident, slapped with a $500 fine and sentenced to anger-management classes. He was temporarily relieved of his teaching duties while the Department of Education investigated. And while he likely won't be teaching for awhile, his behavior -- and the consequences for it -- most certainly serve as a lesson to his students.

Opting not to air the "punch heard round the world" was the first time that MTV has backed down amidst the scandal surrounding their newest reality show. Since its premiere, the Italian-American community has pressed for the show's cancellation.

Prior to the "Snooki-punch," programming president at MTV, Tony DiSanto, defended the show saying that it never even crossed his mind that it was offensive.

When he asked whether it bothered him, he said, "To be 100 percent honest, no, even as an Italian American," the president told the Hollywood Reporter. “I just wanted to be cautious about toning down the partying."

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