Jim Carrey Joining “Office” Finale

No wonder "The Office" season finale needs 50 minutes. That's roughly one minute per special guest star cameo.

Word is that comedy juggernaut Jim Carrey will be heading to the Dunder-Mifflin offices, joining a cameo roster that already includes Ricky Gervais, Will Arnett, James Spader, and Ray Romano.

These cameos - as well as the current four-episode run featuring Will Ferrell - are continuing to fuel rumors about just who will be replacing departing star Steve Carell.

We'd be stunned if Carrey actually signs on for a long-term gig, but who knows? It's not like he's been lighting up the box office lately like he had in the past.

"Office" star John Krasinkski recently told HitFlix.com that no matter who takes over Carell's desk, the rest of the cast will be ready to play.

"The show sans-Steve it's a whole new show so we're actually really excited," Krasinksi said. "The last two episodes this year are without Steve and without Will and they were awesome. They were really, really fun and as much as we will miss Steve for sure it's kind of great to pick up this show in a whole different way. It's really fun."

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