Jon on Cops: “Just a Misunderstanding”

Police called after Kate crashes Jon's visitation time

It's gotten so bad with the Gosselins that the cops came out Thursday night when Kate showed up unannounced at the broken family's home - even though it was Jon's turn to play house with the reality TV brood.

No one was arrested, but the mom who stars on TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was sent away. She resurfaced at a Days Inn near the Wernersville, Pa., home.

"Just a miscommunication with me and Kate, that's all," Jon told NBC Philadelphia Friday afternoon. He reluctantly made the admission while signing autographs for fans lined up outside the Gosselin estate.

Jon said it was Kate who called the police after a "breakdown in communication."

"It was just more of a mother's instinct, that's all, and its my day for custody and I want to spend time with my kids," the father of eight said.

A source close to the situation told RadarOnline that Kate Gosselin found herself barred from the home because it was Jon's scheduled time with the kids. He neither confirmed nor denied whether that was the cause of the fight.

"I gotta just keep on moving through life," Jon said of the latest chapter of the Gosselin saga.

The pair, who already had twins when Kate had sextuplets in 2004, filed for divorce in June after a 10-year marriage. Jon has since been spotted all over the East Coast with hot young babes, while Kate has made the rounds of morning TV shows discussing how much the breakup has hurt and making it clear she doesn't see a reconciliation in the future.

The reality TV star said he and his estranged wife are again on speaking terms.

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