“Killers” Puts Heigl in the Crosshairs of the Kutcher Effect

Blondes have not fared well after starring alongside Ashton Kutcher -- Katherine Hiegl become just another one of his victims after the release of Killers?

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With her career already on shaky ground, Katherine Heigl has teamed up with Ashton Kutcher for Killers, an action-romcom hybrid about a woman who unwittingly marries a spy with a license to kill. Is it possible Heigl is unaware of the fate that befalls Kutcher's blonde female co-stars?
Kutcher enjoyed his first lead role in Dude, Where's My Car?, opposite Sean William Scott. Though blonde, Scott is decidedly male and has continued to enjoy steady employment since.
Kutcher starred alongside Usher and James Van Der Beek in Texas Rangers, the one with black hair went onto to be a global pop star, the blonde is currently residing in the "Where are they now?" file.
It was in 2003 that Kutcher began starring in romcoms, beginning with Just Married alongside Brittany Murphy. She would go on to make a string of blah films -- Sin Citry being the lone exception -- until her untimely death in 2009.
Next was My Boss's Daughter with Tara Reid, who at the time was still enjoying the last vestiges of the glow from American Pie.
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A year later her left breast fell out of her dress during a red-carpet event, and in 2006 she revealed that she'd been the victim of a horrible botched plastic surgery on her breasts and stomach, making her a notorious punchline. Just posed for Playboy in an attempt to revitalize her career.
Cheaper by the Dozen saw Kutcher star opposite Piper Perabo. The woman's career survived Coyote Ugly, but it couldn't shake the Kutcher Effect.
Amy Smart was on the bubble as a Hollywood It Girl when she starred opposite AK in The Butterfly Effect. Since then? Remember Love N' Dancing? Neither do we.
Zoe Saldana survived Guess Who and is not blonde. Since then she's appeared in Star Trek and Avatar. More than coincidence? You decide.
Amanda Peet, Kutcher's romantic interest in A Lot Like Love is not blonde and, though she's certain had her missteps (Martian Child, 2012), she did some nice work in her new film, Please Give and is going strong.
Melissa Sagemiller died her hair for her role in The Guardian but the Kutcher effect was not fooled by the natural blonde's ruse -- she hasn't been heard from since.
The only one blonde actress who has thus far survived the Kutcher Effect is Cameron Diaz, who co-starred with him in 2008's What Happens in Vegas. Although, both The Box and My Sister's Keeper flopped and the buzz around the Green Hornet is not good.
Joining Diaz in Kutcher Effect limbo are two older (by Hollywood standards) actress, Anne Heche his co-star in Spread, which tellingly went straight to video...
and Michelle Pfieffer, who played opposite Kutcher in Personal Effects, yet another straight-to-video dud.
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Kutcher's already released one film this year, Valentine's Day, in which he courted Jessica Alba, who went blonde for the role. She should be OK -- we'll see...
Curiously, Kutcher married the raven-haired uber cougar Demi Moore in 2005, just after Charlie's Angels revived her career, but she's been in a string of duds since.
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You've been warned, Miss Heigl. Watch the trailer and decide for yourself whether or not her career can survive Ashton Kutcher.
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