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Kumail Nanjiani Apologizes for John McCain Swipe

Nanjiani weighed in on the uproar surrounding White House aide Kelly Sadler and took a swipe at McCain in the process

Something quite remarkable happened on social media Monday. Two high profile personalities clashed on Twitter. But instead of decomposing into a nasty back and forth of insults and name-calling, it ended with an apology.

Actor/comedian Kumail Nanjiani weighed in on the recent uproar surrounding White House aide Kelly Sadler. Sadler came under fire last week when she said in a closed-door meeting that the White House shouldn't be concerned with Sen. John McCain because "he's dying anyway."

The remark, which the White House admitted was inappropriate, drew rebuke from both sides of the aisle. Nanjiani also condemned the remarks, but took a swipe at McCain in the process saying the senator could have done more during his career for people of different races and nationalities.

McCain's daughter Meghan, also a co-host on "The View," saw the remark and quickly responded, sharing a video of her father during his presidential campaign in 2008 shutting down one of his own supporters making false claims about the religion of former President Barack Obama.

While Nanjiani initially stood his ground saying McCain's response of “He’s not an Arab, he’s a decent family man” wasn't "exactly great," he soon demurred.

Meghan McCain accepted his apology.

McCain also commented on "The View" Monday responding to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders' failure to apologize for the comment, instead saying the remark should not have been leaked to the media from a closed door meeting.

"If you are a public figure and you are working in the White House you should expect everything you are saying in any context to be leaked, "McCain said. "If someone said something that egregious and intense in this show back stage I would expect it to be on the Daily Mail in 8 seconds. We don’t live in a time anymore and you really aren’t working in a White House that does not have a leaking problem so if I were going into meetings I would assume everything could be talked about on 'The View' the next day."

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