Last Son of Costner? Veteran Actor Could be Joining “Superman”

Kevin Costner
Getty Images

Looks like Superman may be getting a big name as either a father, a father figure, or an editor.

According to a Deadline report, Kevin Costner has been talking to Zach Snyder about joining the director's reboot of "Superman" in an as-yet-unidentified role. If true, this would be the first major casting announcement since it was revealed that British actor Henry Cavill would be donning the blue tights.

Taking what we know from Superman canon and barring any curveballs from Snyder, Costner could potentially fit three major roles in the life of Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman:

Jor-El, Superman's birth father who gets blown up along with the planet Krypton (He was also played by Marlon Brando in Richard Donner's "Superman: The Movie")

Jonathan Kent, Superman's adopted father who raises the boy with good old-fashioned American values

Perry White, the grizzled Daily Planet Editor-in-Chief who keeps Superman's alter ego Clark Kent gainfully employed.

Although a villain role is also possible (Brainiac?) it makes more sense for Snyder to use Costner as a way to bring some gravitas to Superman's story (much like Donner did with Brando) by tapping into the actor's associations with larger-than-life defenders of truth and justice (and the purity of baseball) like Elliot Ness, Wyatt Earp, Robin Hood, and Crash Davis.

Of course, with no idea which direction Snyder is going, we'll just have to wait and see.

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