Levi Johnston: Being a Gay Icon Is “Great”

Teen dad and Playgirl model says gay fans are "people too"

Levi Johnston has embraced his role as a “gay icon” even though the teen dad and Playgirl model said he'd "never seen a gay guy" until leaving Alaska.

The 19-year-old father of Sarah Palin’s grandson told HLN’s Joy Behar Monday that he agreed with her assessment that he’d become a gay icon, and also said he didn’t have a problem with porn stars pretending to be him in films.

“Umm – they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do,” Johnston said. But he drew the line at getting fully naked on camera himself because “I'd regret it when I got older.”

When Behar asked how Johnston – a product of his conservative Alaskan hometown – felt about his legions of gay fans, the ex-hockey star replied: “Well, growing up in Wasilla. I had never even seen a gay guy, I don’t think.”

“Look around,” Behar shot back. “They’re all over.”

Johnston continued: "Once I started doing all these tours and everything... I just.. you know, they're people too. It doesn't matter to me, more fans, it's great."

Embedded video from CNN Video
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