“Mad Men” Does It Again, “Modern Family” Knocks Off “30 Rock”

For the third year in a row, AMC's "Mad Men" was crowned the best drama in television, and moments later "Modern Family" cemented a great rookie year with the Best Comedy Prize.

We're now in our fourth season, I didn't think we'd get through half of one," said "Mad Men" creator and head writer Matthew Weiner as he stood clutching yet another Emmy, his sixth in the last three years. He's won Bets Drama and Bets Writing for a Drama every year the show's been on.

It's hard to ague with "Mad Men"'s dominance, as the show is beautifully, written, impeccably stylized and brilliantly acted. It's a great study in office politics, not that that kind of thing interests us.

This is such an honor for us ... especially considering the caliber of the other nominees," said "Modern Family" co-creator and writer Christopher Loyd. "I want to thank this amazing cast who makes us forget how much we hate writing every day."

Earlier in the night the show had won Best Writing for a Comedy and Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy for Eric Stonestreet.

The "Modern Family" victory brought to an end the three-year reign of "30 Rock."

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