Crews Continue to Search for Missing Jet Debris

A second day of searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight in the remote southern Indian Ocean ended without success Friday, with none of the five military aircraft involved in the hunt confirming any sighting of debris, NBC News reported. Earlier on Friday, Australia’s prime minister said the search and rescue experts are “throwing everything” into the hunt for the jet. "If there is anything down there, we will find it," Tony Abbott said, describing the area being searched as "about the most inaccessible spot that you can imagine on the face of the earth." The zone is about 1,400 miles and four hours' flying time, meaning rescue teams are not able to search very long. Investigators are racing to find the "black boxes" from the jet before batteries powering the "pings" from their transponders run out in approximately 18 days’ time. It is not clear if the objects on the satellite images were aircraft parts or ocean junk, but investigators say the pictures are the only “credible” lead they have.

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