Man Fabricated Carjacking for a Free Ride: Cops

He got a trip to jail instead.

Getty Images

Everybody wants to go to Hollywood   especially a Tampa man who allegedly lied about a carjacking to hitch a free ride with the police to Hollywood, Fla.

Hector Felix, Jr. on Feb. 9 reported a carjacking by phone, the Port St. Lucie Police Department told CBS Tampa, but then admitted he had falsified the crime in hopes of getting a free police escort back to his Hollywood home.

“Due to Hector indicating to the Marshall’s [Office] that he was not telling the truth, I placed him into custody for further investigation,” the report states. “[After being read his Miranda rights], Hector advised that he was not carjacked and that he just needed a ride to Hollywood, Fla.”

Felix was arrested and charged with false reports of commission of crimes. But he did get one free ride he was later taken to the St. Lucie County jail without incident.

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