Man Survives Three Days in Snake-Infested Manhole

pulled up from 30-foot deep hole

A Texas man who went missing for three days was found alive at the bottom of a manhole, covered in snakebites and sewage.

Kevin Gonterman, 25, was concsious and speaking when he was rescued Monday in League City, about 25 miles outside of Houston. He had gone missing on Saturday, and a volunteer search team on horseback found him in the 30-foot deep manhole, located 150 yards from the road.

Gonterman had been bitten by snakes and needed medical attention. The search team had to call in Houston police to pull Gonterman out.

“In my opinion, I don’t think he would have lasted through to the evening,” Black told the local Bay Area Citizen newspaper. “He obviously was suffering from dehydration.

“He looked delirious.”

League City Police spokesman John Jordan said Gonterman was reported missing on Sunday by his girlfriend, who had not seen him since the day before. But Jordan was not sure how long the man spent trapped in the sewer.

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