Paul Manafort

Manhattan DA Still Wants to Prosecute Ex-Trump Campaign Chair Manafort

A state judge called the charges a violation of New York's double jeopardy law

UNITED STATES - NOVEMBER 27: Donald Trump, flanked by campaign manager Paul Manafort and daughter Ivanka, checks the podium early Thursday afternoon in preparation for accepting the GOP nomination to be President at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on Wednesday July 20, 2016.
Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

New York state prosecutors argued in court filings Thursday that fraud charges against former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort should be reinstated.

In March 2019, the Manhattan DA's office indicted Manafort for allegedly falsifying business records to obtain millions of dollars in residential mortgage loans.

But in December, a state judge tossed the charges, calling them a violation of New York's double jeopardy law, because Manafort had already been federally indicted earlier in 2019 for related crimes uncovered by former special counsel Robert Mueller.

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