Marvel Springs Another Leak, Thor Latest Victim/Beneficiary

You put up a leaked image of the concept art for Captain America, then step out of the office for a little while and what happens? You come back to see Thor has now found his way into cyberspace.

Drawings of Chris Hemsworth as Thor went up on Collider just minutes after we brought word of the Captain America images making the rounds. This peek at Thor isn't nearly as revelatory, as we got a look at an actual photo of Hemsworth in costume just a few weeks ago.

While the picture of Hemsworth was promising (if a bit dark and off-center), the drawings just look silly. Thor's duds look even more plastic than Cap's (though HitFix assures us it doesn't look that bad in real life) and his general appearance smacks of ren-faire doofus. And that hammer of his, the mighty Mjolnir, looks dumb. It's glowing for Odin's sake.

It's important to remember that "character concept art is so damn silly looking and makes everything look... lame and dumb," as The Playlist notes.

Just look at the old pic again and take comfort in the fact that Hemsworth doesn't look like a complete clown while you patiently await the release of "Thor" on May 6, 2011.

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