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‘SNL' Parodies Controversy Surrounding Beyoncé's ‘Formation' Video

Barely a week removed from Super Bowl's 50 half-time show, Beyonce's "Formation" performance is still making waves.

In a horror film parody titled "The Day Beyoncé Turned Black," "Saturday Night Live" mocked the controversy that surrounded the Grammy-winning artist's new video and subsequent Super Bowl performance of the song, an overtly political message about the black experience in America.

Conservative personalities like Rush Limbaugh called the singer's new video "representative of the cultural decay and social rot that is befalling our country," while former New York City mayor Rudy Giulianai said it was anti-police. 

The backdrop was a doomsday scenario of what happens to white people when they discover some of  their favorite African American celebrities are actually black.

Lampooning the backlash, the sketch portrays white people collectively losing their minds after realizing that their beloved Beyoncé is actually a black woman, and are unable to wrap their heads around a Black Panther-esque Queen Bey.

"Maybe the song isn't for us?" Bobby Moynihan's character says.

"But everything is for us," Cecily Strong replies.

Taking a cue from one of Beyoncé's hit singles, "Run the World (Girls)" Melissa McCarthy didn't disappoint as host, a reminder of just how strong the female players are these days.

Whether as a closeted racist on a public bus, a cat lady, or as a woman unsuccessfully trying to pick up men at a bar, McCarthy made her case to be taken seriously as a leading lady.

While playing an awkwardly social woman trying to pick up men at a bar, McCarthy's character delivers lines that make you glad you know no one like the character. When set to put her physical contact lesson to the test, McCarthy fails miserably:

"Hey I like your outfit, I would like it better crumpled on my bedroom floor...just don't let it touch my uncle Jessie's jungle bed, I think he is a serial killer."

Super Bowl MVP Vonn Miller was a guest on "Weekend Update" and didn't miss an opportunity to brag about how the Denver Broncos' defense defeated Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

Kanye West was the musical guest.

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