Cold Case

Miami Detectives Make Arrest in Cold Case of 1975 Killing

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Miami police detectives say they have solved a 45-year-old cold case with the arrest of 68-year-old Hipolito Guzman.

The 1975 arrest warrant of the incident alleges that while the victim, Jose Caesar Pacheco, was being stabbed to death, Guzman discouraged witnesses and later served as the getaway driver.

"Your honor we are trying to put together whether or not this is a provable case, you know, obviously it's been about 45 years", said Prosecutor Eileen Keeley Friday in bond court.

She noted that her team had been able to locate the detective who handled the case in 1975.

Guzman had a private attorney who appeared via Zoom during the hearing. Prosecutors now have 21 days to decide whether they will issue an arraignment for Guzman on charges of first degree murder or not. 

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle issued a statement saying in part, "The family and relatives of Jose Caesar Pacheco have waited 45-years for their chance to obtain justice for his murder. With the capture of Hipolito Guzman, that wait has now ended."

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