Mo Money Mo Real Estate for Diddy?

Sean "Diddy" Combs is changing it up. Rest assured, he's not changing his name, but rather, his digs. The hip-hop rapper turned producer turned fashion designer discreetly listed his Alpine, NJ mansion for $13.5 million, reports Curbed

P. Diddy has resided at this 17,000-square-foot mansion since 2004 when he plunked down $10 million to buy the suburban property. While the official listing provides no photographic insights into Diddy's crib, it does state that the Colonial-style house boasts seven bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms. Included in what certainly is a luxe home are tennis courts, an indoor squash court, gym, movie theater, bar, three master suites, a six-car garage and soaring ceilings throughout.  
It's unclear where the artist formally known as Puff Daddy will decamp next. The folks at the New York Daily News point out that the hip-hop mogul was named the richest person in hip hop in 2011 and has accrued a fortune of $475 million, which could easily mean a much more lavish mansion is in the future for the New York native. It really is "All About the Benjamins."
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