Monday Watch List: Huddy Must Go

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and run for city comptroller. Few people know the kind of ungodly power a city comptroller can wield, but you do. LET’S GO!

HOUSE – 8:00PM (FOX) I thought last week’s premiere of “House” was god awful. House and Cuddy staying in to cuddle and get to know each other better? GRAHHHHHHHH I just hucked into my oatmeal. If this is what life with Huddy is gonna be like, count me out. Anyway, tonight House presumably goes back to solving cases and yelling at people, which I far prefer. The patient for this episode is a skateboarder who has collapsed. And take time to notice that Jennifer Morrison has finally been excised from the opening credits in favor of Olivia Wilde, who is just now taking a leave of absence from the show. Way to be on the ball with those credits, folks. ANTICIPATION: GRUMPY!

CHUCK – 8:00PM (NBC) Chuck and Sarah storm Milan for Fashion Week and dirty spy hijinks. If this is a thin excuse to show Yvonne Longpolishname strutting down a runway in mini-couture, I approve. Also, Lou Ferrigno guest stars, because why not. ANTICIPATION: HULK KNOW NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY!

HOARDERS – 10:00PM (A&E) A woman who has 30 sick cats faces eviction, and something tells me you’d face eviction even if you had thirty HEALTHY cats running around and causing mass allergy attacks. Also tonight, a teacher takes the hoarding lifestyle to their classroom. Then there must be a lot of hoarding kindergarten teachers out there, because those classrooms are a mess. There are boxes upon boxes of old toy trucks and books that haven’t been read in seventeen years. The whole place is crawling with silverfish. Kindergarten classes are a hoarder’s dream come true. ANTICIPATION: HOARDY!

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN – 9:00PM (Spike) What aren’t you watching, friendo? (flips coin) ANTICIPATION: CATTLE GUNNIN’!

PACKERS/BEARS – 8:30PM (ESPN) The shockingly decent Jay Cutler goes up against chic Super Bowl pick Green Bay in a game that is all but certain to feature lots of passing yards and blown coverages. Blown coverage is my favorite kind of coverage. ANTICIPATION: LOVIE!

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