‘Mr. Incredible' Punches Philly Cab Driver After Refusing to Pay Fare: Police

A man who was dressed up as a popular superhero is accused of acting more like a villain on Halloween. Police say a man in a "Mr. Incredible" costume punched a Philadelphia cab driver after refusing to pay his fare, and he hasn't been caught.

Abdul Aziz, a 62-year-old cab driver, told NBC10 he picked up the suspect as well as an unidentified woman back on Oct. 31 at 3:48 a.m. at Front and Spring Garden streets. The man and woman were dressed up as "Mr. Incredible," and "Mrs. Incredible," the lead characters from the hit Disney/Pixar film "The Incredibles."

Aziz said he dropped the couple off at a 7-Eleven on the 5800 block of Ridge Avenue where they were supposed to get cash to pay the $40 fare.

Aziz said the couple would not give him the money however, leading to an argument and a confrontation outside the store.

"Then he ran away," Aziz said. "I'm on the telephone and I dial 911. Then I'm behind them."

Aziz told NBC10 he chased after the pair. When he caught up to them, "Mr. Incredible" allegedly punched him in the face and then continued to flee. A clerk told NBC10 Aziz appeared to be in bad shape when he walked back into the store to meet responding officers.

"He was bleeding in his hat," the clerk said. "[It was] swollen next to his eyes." 

Aziz was taken to Roxborough Hospital and treated for a laceration to his face.

The suspect is described as a stocky man in his early to mid-20's standing between 5-foot-8 and 5-foot-9 with dark hair. Police also said they would like to speak with the woman who was with him about what happened.

Aziz told NBC10 he hopes the attacker is captured not just for his sake but also for the safety of the public.

"Today he hit me, " Aziz said. "Tomorrow another guy he [will] hit them. Then [he's] a more dangerous man." 

If you have any information on the suspect's whereabouts, please call the Philadelphia Police Department or 911.

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