“Mulholland Drive” Star Believes a David Lynch Follow-Up Is Coming

Twenty years ago today David Lynch rocked television and cherry pie history with the debut of "Twin Peaks."

So being in a nostalgic state of mind, we're hoping the star of Lynch's classic movie "Mulholland Drive" is right in predicting that the famous director is working on a follow-up to the classic. Laura Harring tells PopcornBiz she met up with Lynch last week and that she believes a follow up to the 2001 classic is going to happen.

"I'm very sure it's coming, it's being born," she said. "I cannot really tell you how I know." Doesn't that sound like a line out one of his screenplays?

Harring and Lynch have a spooky past between them. On her way over to meet the director for the audition to play a woman suffering from a car accident in "Mulholland Drive," she ended up in car crash herself.

"I didn't even know the story at that point," she recalls.

She got the part, and Lynch had her do that particular scene again and again for the film.

"He made me do it so many times," she says. "He wanted me to walk like a broken doll. I wasn't walking like a broken doll enough for him." Here's hoping she's right about the new Lynch movie so she can get another shot.

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