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Nevada Cops Hunt Murder Suspect Who Vanished From Interrogation Room

Authorities were still searching Sunday for a brazen and possibly murderous escape artist who slipped out of a Nevada interrogation room Friday, NBC News reported.

The white Ford pickup that police said Alonso Perez, 25, used once he fled police custody was discovered Saturday without the suspect, leaving the murder victim's sister angrily wondering how such an escape could even happen and the police in a desperate hunt for their man.

"I can understand their frustration — we're just as frustrated ourselves," North Las Vegas police spokesman Aaron Patty told NBC News. "But the bigger focus is: We have a homicide suspect on the loose."

Police apprehended Perez Friday and transported him to an interview room in the department's detective bureau, where he was secured with metal bracelets. After a couple of hours, NBC affiliate KSNV reported, an investigator stepped out, when Perez twisted his handcuffs until they snapped, Patty said.

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