90-Year-Old Mickey Rooney In Search of New Gigs

Mickey Rooney is trying to make a comeback at the tender age of 90.

His lawyer, Michael Augustine, says the veteran actor has to revive his acting career soon, or he’ll die, and “in very short order,” CNN reports.

The actor of once “National Velvet” fame (opposite the late Elizabeth Taylor) now claims he has no money since his stepson has allegedly been leeching it away.

Rooney filed a temporary restraining order on his stepson Christopher Alber after Alber kept food and medication away from the actor, the BBC reports.

Augustine said that Rooney was so poor that he often wears the same clothes, and has only one pair of shoes to his name. A large sum of money—about $400,000—had allegedly been taken from Rooney’s bank account.

“He’s available, he’s marketable and we’re going to get him working,” said Augustine.

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