Anna Nicole Smith Lost Millions in Jewels, Clueless About Bankruptcy

Late former-Playmate seemed drugged in interview with bankruptcy examiner

A befuddled Anna Nicole Smith lost $2.7 million in jewelry and could not explain to her exasperated bankruptcy examiner how she had come to be in such dire financial straits, newly released government files show.

“She did not know why she was in bankruptcy,” the unidentified Chapter 11 examiner wrote in a 1996 report, which was released to The Associated Press under a Freedom of Information Act request nearly three years after Smith’s untimely death.

In the report, the examiner wrote that the buxom ex-Playmate seemed drugged and would take pills during their meeting, according to the AP.

“She could barely walk, her speech was slurred, she had to lay down in a darkened room as the light bothered her and she could not remember what she said from one moment to the next,” the examiner wrote.

Smith’s bankruptcy filing came a year after the death of her billionaire husband, J. Howard Marshall – with the resulting court battle over Marshall’s wealth continuing even past Smith’s own death from an accidental drug overdose in February 2007, the AP reports.

The filing shows Smith claimed $154,142 in income from modeling and royalties in 1994 and $274,514 the following year.

According to the document, Smith also owed back taxes and a $265.63 gas bill.

Among the $2.7 million in jewelry that Smith claimed had gone missing were: two pieces worth nearly a half-million each, a ring with three diamonds (one weighing 8.45 carets), and a platinum necklace with 226 diamonds that totaled nearly 74 carats.

Ron Rake, the executor of Smith’s estate, did not return a call for comment on the file, the AP reported. 

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