Bristol Palin Makes Debut Music Video Appearance

The same week her ex Levi Johnston steamed up the airwaves with a hot music video with his possible new love interest, Bristol Palin is coming out with

The "Dancing With the Stars" contestant made her video debut in a clip by Alaska band Static Cycle, reports E! Online.

In the video for "Inside This World of Mine," Palin appears decked out in a black mink coat and plays the role of Mother Nature. She sports icy eyebrows and lashes and plays with roses on a snowy peak in Chena, Alaska.

Part of the shoot took place in an ice hotel with "ice sculptures and stuff," Bristol said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

The daughter of former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is decidedly more low-key in her video than Johnston was in his.

In the clip for Brittani Senser's "After Love," the aspiring mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, and former "Playgirl" model rolls around in bed and makes out with the sexy R & B star.

Palin was under the impression that Johnston had flown to L.A. several months ago to see a hunting show, but she later discovered that he had actually gone to shoot the clip, which ultimately played a roll in the unraveling of the couple's engagement.

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