10 Cold Weather Tricks and Safety Tips

You sent in your craziest cold weather tricks. Take a look at those, plus tips to stay warm and safe during the extreme cold of the polar vortex.

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As temperatures dip into the low digits and below zero in many parts of the country this week, there are some safety tips to keep in mind. If you are driving, keep an emergency kit in your car including a cell phone charger, flares, food, water, kitty litter for tire traction, heavy gloves and a first aid kit. For more safety tips, read on here Click through to see more.
You may have been hearing a lot about a "polar vortex" this week. If you need a quick refresher on what exactly this is, and how it's causing temps to dip into bone-chilling numbers this week, take a look at this video here.
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While you might be looking to stick to your New Year's resolution to get in shape by running outside, beware the low temperatures. Just how cold is too cold to run? To find out, read on here.
NBC's Washington, D.C., reporter Melissa Mollet placed a wet t-shirt outside to see how long it would take for it to freeze in Tuesday's historically low temperatures. How long do you think it took? Click here to find out.
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Many of you have found out that by tossing boiling water in the chilly air, one can create "instant snow." A viewer from Chicago sent in this video demonstrating the trick. But watch out — you can still burn yourself if you aren't paying attention to the wind's direction!
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Mother nature played a bit of a "trick" on Chicago residents this week. Lake Michigan looked a little spooky Monday as the freezing temperatures caused steam to form over the surface. Watch a video of the wintry scene here.
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Frozen pipes can be a huge concern when temperatures take a dive. One unfortunate Connecticut resident found this scene — frozen water everywhere — after pipes burst. For tips to avoid this potentially costly mess, read on here.
Chicago Viewer: Rachel Dawdy
Chicago viewer Rachel Dawdy sent in this amusing video of a bubble freezing, then bursting outside in the frigid temperatures. Watch what happens here.
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Pets need extra care during the chilly temps, too. For tips on how to keep them safe and warm during this cold snap, click here.
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Ever wonder what it'd be like to jump on a frozen trampoline? Find out here.
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