James Cameron, Johnny Depp Lead List of Hollywood's Top Earners

"Twilight" trio, Spielberg, Nolan and DiCaprio also make Vanity Fair’s “Top 40”

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James Cameron soared above his peers to become the richest man in Hollywood in 2010, according to a new list of film industry top-earners.

The “Avatar” writer, producer and director mined $257 million last year, mostly from his take of Pandora-related box office and DVD sales and associated licensing, Vanity Fair reported.

The mag selected Johnny Depp for the no. 2 spot on its “Top 40” list of top-earning stars, directors and producers.

The list, which excludes TV and other non-film–related income, estimated Depp’s haul for the year at $100 million.

That broke down as $40 million for “Alice in Wonderland,” $35 million for “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and $20 million for “The Tourist,” the empty-seater co-starring Angelina Jolie. Depp also reportedly scored $5 million from past work.

Jolie landed at no. 21 on Vanity Fair’s list with her income pegged at $23.5 million, largely for her cut of “Tourist” dollars.

Brangelina’s other half must have been watching the kids last year, as Brad Pitt was nowhere to be found on Vanity Fair's list.

Kristen Stewart landed at no. 13 with a $28.5 million purse, making her the top-earning woman of the six who secured a spot on this year's list.

Stewart's “Twilight” colleagues Taylor Lautner (No. 9; $33.5 million) and Robert Pattinson (No. 15; $27.5 million) also scored prime real estate on the list.

Eddie Murphy snagged the bottom no. 40 marker with estimated earnings of $13 million, including a bonus for “Shrek Forever.”

Other notable filmmakers and actors who cracked Vanity Fair's "Top 40" for the Jan. 2010 to Jan. 2011 period: Steven Spielberg (no. 3; $80 million); “Inception” writer/director/producer Christopher Nolan (no. 4; $71.5 million) and star Leonardo DiCaprio (no. 5; $62 million); Will Smith (no. 11; $29 million); “Blind Side” star Sandra Bullock (no. 22; $22 million).

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