Kim Kardashian and Fiancée Registered for $172K Worth of Gifts

What to get the girl who has everything (including a 20.5 carat engagement ring?)

Why, more stuff, of course!

Kim Kardashian and fiancée Kris Humphries registered at a swanky Beverly Hills luxury store. Some of the items requested include Hermes flatware (ringing up at $110 a plate) and an all-silver tea and coffee set (just shy of $7,000 for the whole thing, creamer, trays and all).

The date on Gearys’ website reads October 31, 2011—Halloween—though a friend tells E! that the couple had no intention of giving away the real date just yet.

Friends of the couple have already been spotted buzzing around the Beverly Hills shop.

Let’s hope the $150 napkin rings don’t sell out.

Selected Reading: E!, Gearys

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