Evacuation Recommendation Lifted After N.D. Train Blast

The evacuation recommendation for a North Dakota town near Monday's fiery freight train derailment was lifted Tuesday, a day after officials had urged residents to flee the toxic smoke billowing from the crash. A mile-long train carrying crude oil had derailed Monday following a collision, sparking a blast that sent a fireball shooting flames 100 feet in the air. The local sheriff's office said emergency responders found up to 10 cars of the oil train fully engulfed in the blaze. No injuries were immediately reported, but hours after the derailment, weather reports indicated a possible wind shift that could carry the toxic smoke into the nearby town of Casselton. In response, the sheriff's office had strongly recommended everyone in the city and within five miles south and east to evacuate, but they dropped that recommendation Tuesday as the wind shifted. Meanwhile, the National Transportation Safety Board was on site investigating Tuesday.

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