Never Hear About “Snooki” Or a “Kardashian” Again

A new gadget can now scan closed captioning to mute your television set when specific words are mentioned.

In Hollywood, there is such a thing as over-exposure. But now there’s something that can be done to slightly alleviate pop culture fatigue.

Via CNN’s Marquee Blog, an inventor has come up with a way to mute your TV every time a selected name or thing is mentioned.

The device, appropriately called “Enough Already,” uses circuit boards to read closed captions, scanning for whatever buzzwords you like—let’s say “Lindsay Lohan” or “The Situation.” Whenever the name in question pops up, your television will head for the mute button.

This is especially joyous news to TV watchers who can only handle one giant wedding per year. Kim Kardashian’s, by the way, is this weekend.

While the process is a little tech-intensive, some may argue, it's well-worth the effort.

Selected Reading: Marquee Blog, Business Insider

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