Next “Batman” Movie Sets Production Date

The Caped Crusader has set a date to come out of the shadows.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Michael Caine revealed that the still-yet-to-be-named sequel to the blockbuster "The Dark Knight" will enter production next April.

The re-booted "Batman" franchise has been a major box office force since Christian Bale donned the cape and cowl and Christopher Nolan took over the director's chair with 2005's "Batman Begins." The two films have grossed over $1 billion worldwide and have elevated the comic book movie to serious art form.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Nolan, along with his brother Jonathan and writer David S. Goyer, are still producing the film's script. Stars Bale, Morgan Freeman, Caine, and Gary Oldman are all slated to reprise their roles.

Perhaps the main question surrounding the series' third installment is the identity of Batman's nemesis. After Heath Ledger's passing during post-production of "The Dark Knight," it's been assumed that the Joker will not be revived, nor will Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent, who appeared to die at the end of the last film.

Warner Brothers has set July 20, 2012, as the release date for the third movie.

Nolan's newest movie, the sci-fi action/drama "Inception," opens this Friday.

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