Nick Hogan: My Mom Is Not Engaged

Linda Hogan knows best – but her son Nick said as far as he knows she’s not getting married to his 21-year-old pal.

"Nobody has actually confirmed it to me," Nick Hogan told

A rep for Hogan’s dad Hulk “confirmed” last week rumors that his ex-wife Linda was engaged to boyfriend Charlie Hill, who is 29 years younger that she is.

Linda Hogan, who has not commented on the reports, told her son privately that she had simply exchanged “promise rings” with Hill, Nick told Us.

Nick said he was with the couple the day they purportedly got engaged and witnessed “no champagne, no party, no big happy celebration." But he acknowledged a slim possibility his mom could be deceiving him.

“My mom could be trying to get one over on me just because she doesn't want me to be weirded out, but who knows,” the former “Hogan Knows Best” reality star told Us.

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