Ukraine's “Desperate Struggle”: What You Need to Know

The government of Ukraine, a nation roiled by massive protests in recent weeks, made major concessions Tuesday in an effort to quell the uprising that has gripped the capital Kiev and spread beyond it. Ukraine's prime minister resigned, and just hours later, the country's parliament voted to repeal new anti-protest laws. Still, demonstrators are vowing to press on and are urging the president to resign — and whether the government's concessions would work was an open question. "Normally, this resignation would be a good solution, but among the people there is zero trust in the government,” said the program director at a non-profit think tank in Ukraine. The unrest comes as the nation remains caught between two spheres of influence — that of Europe and that of Russia — and it turned violent last week following the government's passage of a crackdown on the protests. Click through to read more about the political crisis roiling Ukraine.

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