Woman Sets Malfunctioning Vending Machine on Fire

Angry that the machine had taken her money, she allegedly stuffed a burning newspaper into it

A North Carolina woman faces felony charges after setting a vending machine on fire, police say.

Debra Johnson, 43, was so mad when a 7-Up machine outside a Piggly Wiggly supermarket in New Bern took her money that she kicked it, lit a newspaper on fire and stuffed it into the machine, surveillance footage showed.

The fire melted the machine and the $35 in change that it contained, and destroyed the machine's other contents, KLTV reported.

Johnson now faces two felony charges of burning personal property and burning certain buildings.

During her first appearance in court, Johnson told the judge she didn’t need a lawyer, "'cause I’m guilty," according to KLTV.

"I don't need a lawyer to lie for me, cause I'mma tell you I done it," she said.

She has several misdemeanors on her record, dating back to 1989, KLTV reported.

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