Yemeni President in Saudi Arabia as Rebels Advance

Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has arrived in the Saudi capital, a day after he reportedly fled his own neighboring country as Shiite rebels took large swaths of it, Saudi state TV is reporting. The news came hours after a Saudi security adviser told NBC News that his country was sending 150,000 troops and around 100 fighter jets in an effort to fend off the Shiite fighters whose advance is threatening to take over Yemen. The adviser said the Saudis were in "complete control" of Yemeni airspace after launching airstrikes overnight and implementing a no-fly zone — strikes that Iran, which has been linked to the Shiite fighters overrunning Yemen, decried, calling the Saudis "very dangerous." A coalition of a handful of Gulf states, Morocco and others is backing the Saudi intervention, and the U.S. has said it's lending logistical and intelligence support. Despite reports Wednesday that Hadi had fled his palace, an aide said he had not.

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