Howard Stern “Drunk Dials” Fans on New Year's Eve

"What's your phone number?" tweeted the radio host

Howard Stern kicked off his 2012 by "drunk dialing" his fans to wish them a Happy New Year.

The King of Media and his wife tweeted to his over 900,000 followers on Saturday night,  "Beth and I are drunk dialing. What's your phone number?"

And it appears that some of Stern's biggest fans got to hear his famous voice at the other end of the line. He retweeted the responses he got and added little messages like, "Good talking dogs with you"  and "Have fun with the party."

"Candace & KC Whitten, Alabama cutest couple waiting on your call" pleaded @kc_whitten. "Nice speaking you really r the cutest couple," Stern responded.

If no one picked up, Stern did not give up. He left voicemails and let his fans know when he did.

"Btw, my wife and I adopted 2 adult cats cause if ur advice [sic] and love them!" wrote @smbonneau, to which Stern replied, "Just called to hear about the cats. Got voicemail."

A few hours later, the Sirius XM radio host ended his drunk dialing spree and said he had a great time. "Great speaking to so many of you. Amazing how great the conversations were. Really great."

His fans were equally ecstatic. "Howard Stern just called me!" wrote one person, who Stern said was playing video games when he called. "This new year rules already!"

Another fan wrote, "OMG! It was like the best thing ever! I started crying after we hung up!"

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