Part-time Nanny Helps End BofA Fee

Customers won when Bank of America ditched plans to charge debit card users a $5 monthly fee. But one recent college grad is being credited for leading the battle. The Associated Press reports Molly Katchpole, who works part-time as a nanny, part-time at a political communications firm and has $2,200 to her name, started an online petition that gathered 300,000 signatures. The 22-year-old Rhode Island native lives in Washington and said she stands in solidarity with the "Occupy" protests. "The American people bailed out Bank of America during a financial crisis the banks helped create. ... How can you justify squeezing another $60 a year from your debt card customers? This is despicable," the petition on read. Bank of America declined to say how big of a role the petition played in their decision.

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