Army of Venomous Spiders Raids Man's Apartment

He has lived in fear for the past four months as his venomous "roommates" crawl all over the walls and floor

A Nebraskan man has been sharing his small apartment with at least 40 uninvited roommates — venomous brown recluse spiders.

Four months ago, Dylan Baumann of Omaha discovered the dangerous visitors crawling over his walls and floor and has since been trying to catch and kill the returning creatures, KETV reported.

He carefully shakes his clothes before putting them on and has moved his bed away from the wall to avoid being bitten. Brown recluse spiders aren’t aggressive, but one bite could lead to hospitalization and, in rare cases, death.

An exterminator has visited Baumann’s apartment six times, but the crafty spiders have escaped the chemicals by hiding deep inside the walls, Fox News reported.

Baumann told KETV that he is terrified but has learned a great deal about his unwanted guests.

"When you live with something, you want to find out as much as you can about it," Baumann told Fox News. His bed is the safest place because the spiders are bad climbers, he explained.

An expert told KETV that the invasion was probably a result of sweltering summer temperatures.

Baumann said he plans to move into another apartment in the same complex this September.

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