Network Stops Neil Patrick Harris From Expressing “Glee”

Neil Patrick Harris might have rocked it on "Glee" last season, but we don't expect his twisted Bryan Ryan to come back anytime soon.

Harris told Eonline "I doubt it," Harris said when asked if he'd reappear on the Fox show

 "I loved doing it but I'm very contractually obligated to a different network," the CBS star said.

"As much as I'm sure they like the recognition of my name involved with "Glee," I think they'd prefer my name be involved with "How I Met Your Mother," he said of CBS execs. " I can hardly blame them."

That rare combination of talent and respect for television politics is why Harris has kept his career on steady for as long as he has. But it does blow since his guest appearance on "Glee" was a serious highlight well worthy of a sequel.

Harris joyously played a pathetic, petty baddie aimed at bringing down the glee club just to settle an ancient score. His evilness was only matched my Jane Lynch with whom he had a few smoldering moments despite the real-life impossibilities of the scene.

It peaked with a over-the-top rendition of Aerosmith's "Dream On" alongside Matthew Morrison. At the time, he talked about coming back. But apparently, we'll all just dream on.

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