New App May Solve McDonald's Top Customer Complaint: Broken Ice Cream Machines

Disappointed McDonald’s ice cream lovers are in for a treat.

A Miami-based tech startup has created an app to help solve one of McDonald’s top customer complaints: unpredictable broken ice cream machines. 

The app, called Ice Check, directs customers to the nearest restaurant chain with working machines by using real-time updates from customers and participating locations.

Founder Raina McLeod says a trip to one of the fast food giant's locations during a sweet treat craving ended in utter McDisappointment. So, she turned to online to vent about the out-of-order mishap, and noticed a trend.

McLeod figured if Krispy Kreme could tell customers when the donuts were hot, then McDonald's could somehow notify customers when their ice cream machines are broken.

"Don't just say it's down. Tell us when it will be back up," says McLeod. "With Ice Check, maybe you wait till the machine is up, maybe you go to another location, but you’re still not going to Wendy’s."

The app encourages users to "flip the switch" and update the status of the machine at their local McDonald's restaurant. 

When machines are down, verified locations are also able to offer frustrated customers promotions as a curtesy for the unpredictable inconvenience.

The app will be available for download on April 17. Click here for more app details.

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