New Look at “Captain America,” Cheesy Old “Captain America” Director's Cut on The Way

Lo! The bounty--In the span of 24 hours, we got another look at Chris Evans in "Captain America: The First Avenger," and it's been announced that a new, longer version of the notorious 1990 version is coming.

"Entertainment Tonight"--or rather, "Last Night"--ran a short feature chock full of new scenes from "Captain America," circa 2011. The highlight might be the guy who pulls down his shades to drool over the newly buff hero. Good stuff. Now if only "ET" would have the good sense to make its clips available in HD...

Equally exciting is word that the 1990 "Captain America" is being re-released in a new cut, running at a glorious 124 minutes long, available on Blu-ray in May.

This new version will have "a few added scenes, and is more character-oriented and less 'super hero action,'" director Albert Pyun told io9.

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