New Trends Show Cybercriminals Work Harder, Longer Hours: Study

Russian cybercriminals are working 24/7, while others promote themselves as "hardworking" professionals, the study shows

There are new trends in the world of computer hacking, from longer working hours to an increase in self-promotion, according to a new study, NBC News reported.

The third annual Dell SecureWorks Underground Hacker Markets Report compiles months of data from teams that tracked hackers on various forums across the world. Russian cybercriminals are working 24/7, and many others are advertising themselves as "hardworking" professionals.

Hackers remain focused on identity theft, selling Social Security card scans, driver’s licenses and matching utility bills. Hacking into a corporate gmail account is $500 per mailbox, and only $129 for a private account such as gmail, Hotmail or even Facebook. The market for credit card hacking is still “bustling.” 

The report also offers tips to ward against criminal activity, educating employees on spotting security threats such as phishing emails.  

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