“Star Wars”: George Lucas Tipped Off Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher About New Trilogy Before Big Announcement

Stars got wind of the bombshell news this past summer during a hush-hush lunch with the Master Jedi himself.

The Force is definitely strong with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.

Turns out, the two stars were clued in on the bombshell news that new "Star Wars" movies would be coming down the pike, and it was none other than Master Jedi George Lucas himself who spilled the hush-hush intel.

Ah, the perks of having had to endure cinnamon-bun 'dos and metal slave bras!

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"He did tell us last summer about wanting to go on and do [Episodes] VII, VIII, and IX," Hamill tells Entertainment Weekly, "and that [newly appointed Lucasfilm president] Kathleen Kennedy would be doing them."

It all went down during a seemingly innocuous lunch date the three had late in the summer, during which Hamill expected the trio to chat about the Jedi mogul's pending retirement.

"Last August, he asked Carrie and I to have lunch with him, and we did," the 61-year-old actor says. "I thought he was going to talk about either his retirement or the "Star Wars" TV series that I've heard about...So when he said, 'We decided we're going to do Episodes VII, VIII, and IX,' I was just gobsmacked. 'What? Are you nuts?!'"

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In keeping with his typically cryptic nature, Lucas didn't reveal much to his "Star Wars" alums other than to talk "about writers and the fact that he wouldn't be directing," Hamill recalls. "I guess he wanted us to know before everybody else knew."

The star says he has "mixed feelings" about Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm but concedes that he's slowly coming around to the idea.

"They haven't done badly by Marvel and the Muppets and Pixar," he notes. "It's one of those big decisions that at first seems unusual but then the more you look at it, the more it makes sense."

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As for anything else he might have gleaned about the new "Star Wars" movies?

Well, for now Hamill says he doesn't have much to go by. "Until we know more, it's hard to make any comment other than congratulations to George."

Guess we'll just have to try to use our Jedi mind trick on Lucas to steal some intel!

There are just soooo many aliens from Star Wars!

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