Nick Cassavetes Drops “Gotti”

That was fast.

It seems like only days ago that Nick Cassavetes was sitting in front of a room of journalists talking up his excitement about tackling "Gotti: Three Generations," the big screen biopic of John Gotti produced by Gotti Jr. Oh wait, it was.

Now comes word from Variety that "The Notebook" director is dropping "Gotti" due to, and we quote, "scheduling conflicts." Apparently, Cassavetes is also committed to an indie drama called "Yellow" and can't make it work.

The press conference caused quite a stir - confirming John Travolta as Gotti, Joe Pesci as right hand man Angelo Ruggiero, and teasing the casting of Lindsay Lohan as Gotti's daughter, Victoria (Lindsay even dropped by) - so it seems a little odd that Cassavetes would go through such a media circus without first checking his calendar.

Producers John Gotti, Jr. and Marc Fiore insist the project is moving full-steam ahead, and that both men are seeking a replacement director as we speak.

Stay tuned...(you, too, Linds).

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