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North Korea Is World's Most Dangerous Problem: Former Defense Secretary

William Cohen says there's no sign of the situation being resolved until there's some type of regime change

A former United States defense secretary says that North Korea is the world’s most dangerous problem, CNBC reported.

William Cohen, who served in the Clinton Administration, said that the world has exhausted all of its options for dealing with North Korea, and that there’s no sign of the situation being resolved until there’s some type of regime change.

"That would be the most difficult issue to resolve. I think that's the most dangerous issue we have facing us today. Kim Jong Un seems dedicated to being even more provocative, more aggressive," Cohen said.

He added that he thinks President Donald Trump has put together a good national security team. Cohen also commented on U.S.-Russia relations, saying the situation would not improve until Trump’s companies’ financial ties with Russia are clarified.

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