O No! President's Half-Bro Denied England Entry: Report

Samson Obama allegedly linked to attempted sexual assault

The half-brother of Barack Obama was denied entry to the UK after being accused of a sexual crime on a previous visit, according to new reports.

A government spokesman said Samson Obama was stopped when immigration officials at East Midlands International Airport noticed one of his documents was false, the BBC reported. At the time he was on his way to Washington for the US Presidential Inauguration but had decided to make a quick stop in the UK.

Questioning and fingerprint tests linked the Obama brother to and attempted sexual assault of a British girl last Novemeber, according News of the World. He was interrogated in Berkshire he but was not charged for the crime.

A UK Border Agency spokesman told the BBC as a general rule Britain would oppose the entry of individuals whose presence was "not conducive to the public good."
Eventually Samson Obama, a resident of Kenya, took a connecting flight to the US without formally entering the UK.
The son of Barack Obama Sr, Samson is one of the US presidents many half-siblings.


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