Octo-Grandpa: No One Is Taking My Grandkids

The father of octomom Nadya Suleman said he isn't going to allow anyone to separate the 14 kids from their family.

Grandfather Ed Doud, 67, responded Monday to rumblings that the California hospital where the eight newborns are currently living would not release the babies into the custody of their mother.

"I will stop anybody, I don't care who they are, from taking my grandchildren away," Doud said on ABC's "Good Morning America." "We have a loving home, loving mother and there's no way, no legal right for anybody to take my grandchildren anywhere."

Rumors that Suleman could be deemed unfit to mother her large brood reignited after 911 tapes surfaced in which she panicked after one of her kids went missing.

Doud initially called Suleman's decision to go through with in-vitro fertilization without the means to support her six kids at home "irresponsible" but the proud granddad said he would fight for the newborns.

Suleman, who is unemployed, plans to move her family into a larger home paid for by the money she receives for selling media outlets the rights to family photos, GMA reported.

Doud also cleared the record about the $1 million his daughter reportedly was offered to pose nude.

"She's not going to do that," he said. "There's no way in the world." 

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