Octo-Mom Will Reveal Octo-Dad to Kids

In an upcoming blog on RadarOnline.com, Nadya Suleman says that she’ll tell their kids who their father is. But don’t go thinking she’s in close contact with the man, who is yet to be identified.

In fact, she says she only speaks to him “once a year.”

“He’s a good platonic friend. He knows well that I will protect him, his identify forever,” she said. “Whether or not he knows (the children) in the future, I don’t know. This all has to go away first … it’s his choice.”

Paris’s recession booty
So much for inconspicuous consumption. Paris Hilton and her new boy-toy Doug Reinhardt seem unaware of recession-era etiquette.

“Doug bought Paris a $10,000 teacup Pomeranian when they were in Japan recently,” a source told In Touch magazine. “And for Valentine’s Day, he bought her an Andy Warhol print of Marilyn Monroe.”

On the heels of a nearly yearlong relationship with Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, Hilton may not be ready to settle down. “He definitely wants something more with the relationship, but he’s just happy to be with her,” an insider told In Touch.

In times like these, maybe Hilton should milk this one for all he’s worth.

Michael Jackson is stadium’s last hope
It would be easy to dismiss talk of Michael Jackson’s return to the stage as idle rumor, but there’s a very realistic chance Jackson will be doing a series of shows at the 02 Arena in London as Billboard and other outlets reported.

According to a source who works with the arena, “They’re hoping that Jackson will be their key to staying out of financial trouble. The 02 could be in trouble, and if Michael plays there, the shows will sell out,” said the source. “It could literally save the arena.”

Another source, who tried to cobble together a deal with Jackson as recently as last spring, said the real danger is that Jackson will pull out at the last minute.

“He is ready to go (with a deal), the contracts are ready, and then he just backs out. I wouldn’t believe anything until you see the man himself on stage,” the source said.

‘Watchmen’ takes digital enhancement to the next level
The big-screen adaptation of graphic novel “Watchmen” opens Friday, starring Billy Crudup and his computer-enhanced package.

“I’m not saying how much the computer helped,” Crudup said in an interview on Parade.com. Crudup’s Dr. Manhattan, a naked, blue superhero, was created using data from hundreds of electrodes studded all over the actor’s body.

“Actually, I didn’t fully expect the interest that Dr. Manhattan’s genitalia has received,” Crudup said. “But I understood his motivation for baring it all. Why would the guy with all this power really care about a uniform? He doesn’t need to obey society’s constraints because, if he wanted to, he could destroy society. So I think he kind of feels like, ‘You know what? I enjoy a good breeze on my private parts.’”

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