Ohio Officer's Bodycam Crucial to Murder Indictment: Officials

Cincinnati officials said a university police officer who shot a driver to death during a traffic stop probably would not have been indicted for murder if it wasn't for the video from a camera worn by the cop.

"We're glad that we did have it," Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell said on MSNBC on Wednesday.

University of Cincinnati Officer Ray Tensing claimed he was dragged by Samuel Dubose's car during the July 19 stop, officials said. Tensing, 25, said he was "almost run over by the driver of the Honda Accord and was forced to shoot the driver with his duty weapon."

Bodycam video, however, shows the officer approach Dubose's car after pulling him over for missing a front license plate. Tensing asks Dubose, 43, for his license, which the driver says he doesn't have on him.

The stop escalates when Tensing asks him to get out of the car, and a scuffle ensues. Without warning, the officer shoots Dubose in the head while he is still behind the wheel, and the car accelerates down the road.

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