Ohio Police Officer Accidentally Overdoses on Fentanyl After Traffic Stop

An undercover police officer accidentally overdosed on what is suspected to be fentanyl following a traffic stop Friday night in Ohio.

East Liverpool police say that officer Chris Green helped arrest two suspects, Justin Buckle and Cortez Collins, after they tried to destroy evidence of the deadly drug by smashing it into the car’s carpet.

Within minutes of returning to the police station, Green began to feel the effects of an opioid overdose.

“Chris is a big strong guy, he’s an ex MMA fighter, he’s 225 lbs., all muscle, and it overtook him just like that,” said Capt. Patrick Wright.

Officers called 911 as soon as he passed out.

Green received a dose of narcan at the police station and then was transported to East Liverpool City Hospital, where he was given three more doses of narcan.

Fentanyl and carfentanyl contain a substance used in tranquilizing elephants, which many are confusing as heroin.

Police officers are now taking more precautions when responding to calls involving the deadly substances. Capt. Wright says their department no longer field tests drugs for fear they might inhale a deadly substance.

Officer Green is recovering and is expected to be okay.

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