Other Movies We'd Like to See on the Weather Channel

So the Weather Channel has announced that they're going to start showing movies with weather themes. While one of the announced films -- The Perfect Storm -- features weather as a central plot, the rest factor in weather only tangentially and include Misery (James Caan crashes while driving in a blizzard), March of the Penguins (a blizzard kills some baby penguins) and Deep Blue Sea (a storm strands scientists at sea with killer sharks). We have some suggestions -- some obvious, some not-so-obvious -- for movies that might make good Weather Channel material.

The Wizard of Oz - This might be a little more than TWC wanted to spend, but the tornado is a pretty major part of the film. There hasn't been another movie that so famously featured a twister besides, well, Twister.

The Day After Tomorrow - TWC faces a dilemma here. The movie is all about rogue weather systems, but it also features people running away from an advancing cold front. Does the network want to promote bad weather science?

The Avengers - While not a critically acclaimed film, this frivolous gem features Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes facing off against Sean Connery, a businessman who can control the weather. He later uses this advanced technology to hold the world hostage and bring London to a snowy halt. Of course, for all we know, the Weather Channel is developing this technology as we speak.

Back to the Future - The entire plot of the first movie centers around the timing of a lightning strike that will send Marty McFly home. We'd include the second film, which ends in another lightning storm, but that leads straight into the third movie, which features no distinctive weather at all. Curse you, Back to the Future III, for being so good, yet so temperate.

X-Men - The mutant called Storm (Halle Berry) can control the weather, and she delivers the following bit of amazing dialogue: "Do you know what happens when a toad gets struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else." Then she electrocutes Ray Park. See, kids? Weather can be pretty cool sometimes.

Singin' in the Rain - The movie isn't all about rain, but it does feature rain prominently in the musical number that gives it its name, and the song remains one of the happiest songs about precipitation ever recorded.

White Christmas - Not just a sad holiday song, but also a movie about a ski lodge that's ready to go out of business if it doesn't snow, pronto. (SPOILER ALERT: It eventually does. This is what is known in the weather business as a nail-biter.)

What weather movies would you like to see on the Weather Channel? Make it rain below.

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