Pacino's “Wilde Salome” Trailer & Pics Prove Jessica Chastain Is in EVERYTHING

Al Pacino got so caught up in his love for Oscar Wilde's "Salome" that he staged a production of it, while simultaneously directing a film about the play, and a documentary about the author. The new trailer that just came out makes only a little more sense of things:

What the trailer doesn't explain is that Wilde's "Salome" is a retelling of the Biblical story of the woman who demanded the head of John the Baptist on a silver platter as payment for doing the dance of the seven veils.

And can we talk briefly about how Jessica Chastain came out of nowhere to star in seven films--"The Debt," "Tree of Life," "Take Shelter," "The Help," "Texas Killing Fields," "Coriolanus" and "Wilde Salome"--this year? Has this ever happened before? If Hollywood gave out a Rookie of the Year Award, they'd have to change its name to the Jessica Chastain Award.

Here's the synopsis from the film's website:

Referred to by actor/director Al Pacino as his most personal project ever, the unconventional feature documentary Wilde Salome invites audiences into Pacino’s private world, as he explores the complexities of Oscar Wilde’s acclaimed play Salome, Wilde himself and the birth of a rising star, in actress Jessica Chastain.

The film offers an unprecedented behind the scenes look at Pacino’s odyssey. Pacino's raw exploration in Wilde Salome is one of obsession, determination, commitment and above all, passion. Wilde Salome is unlike any other documentary, a profound vision that explores religion, literature, politics, violence and sexuality from one of the world's greatest artists—writer, Oscar Wilde.

"Wilde Salome" will be showing at the Venice Film Festival. One can only assume that Al Pacino made "Jack & Jill" to pay for this--we just hope it was worth it.

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